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Contest Now On.
In case you missed our last note, the More Orchard to Table Recipe Contest is now underway. What does it take to win one of the amazing Breville Culinary prizes? Simply create a spectacular & original recipe featuring Ambrosia apples that will impress our judges . They’ll be looking at creativity, taste, presentation, use of local ingredients and healthiness. Get all of the details on the contest on our website and then grab some Ambrosia and get busy in the kitchen. We can’t wait to try your recipe!
Creative Recipe Inspiration
Now that we have you thinking about Ambrosia apple recipes, why don’t we share one of our favourites. This one comes from Dana Ewart of Joy Road Catering and was shot in a beautiful Ambrosia apple orchard just before harvest a few years ago. Dana’s Deconstructed Waldorf Salad features Ambrosia cut three ways, looks like a restaurant meal but is simple to make. We think it’s the perfect start to a fresh, fall meal.
Who Grows Your Ambrosia? Meet Tahir and Family
Tahir Raza grew up in a farming family in Pakistan. He immigrated to Canada in 1992 to join his wife who was already living here. They both spent many years working in apple orchards before acquiring land as a joint venture with Tahir’s brother and sister-in-law. One of the first things they planted at Raza Orchards in Vernon, BC was Ambrosia and now these apples are their pride and joy. Meet Tahir, one of the people who grows your BC Ambrosia apples.
apple facats

Harvest Party Online.

Ever since harvest last month, it’s been a celebration of Ambrosia apples all over social media. Here are some of our favourite comments from Twitter:
@saracolly97: Ambrosia apples got to be my all time favourite.
@sunshine_jo92: I need more ambrosia apples in my life
@macc_yates: I love ambrosia apples
@joelalucas: I picked up some Ambrosia apples this morning. They really are excellent. I can’t stop eating them.
@mykeatkinson: Ambrosia apples for life, by the way.
Want to join the celebration? Share your Ambrosia experiences with us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #AmbrosiaHarvest so we (and all of the other Ambrosia apple fans) see it!


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