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Is your recipe the winning recipe? Have you entered yet? Time is ticking away and the More Orchard to Table Recipe Contest will be closing soon. If you haven’t submitted your recipe yet, what are you waiting for? The Breville Culinary prizes  that are on the line are spectacular and you don’t want to miss your chance at snapping one up. Head to our website to get all the details. Contest closes Dec. 11th, 2015!



Recipe: Soup of the Season


As the weather outside turns cooler, we tend to seek out comfort in hearty food. One of our favourites is a big bowl of Roasted Ambrosia Apple Soup. A blend of fall vegetables, savoury seasoning and delicious oven-roasted Ambrosias; it’s the perfect meal to ease you in to the changing season. Here’s the recipe. By the way, did you know that Stuart Klassen, featured in this video, is also a judge in this year’s contest?
Bite for Benefits


Did you know that every time you bite into an Ambrosia apple you’re getting a big dose of healthy benefits? Just one Ambrosia apple has 20% of your daily requirement of fibre and vitamin C. That’s just the start of the benefits. Apples also aid in digestion and are chock-full of antioxidants to help boost your immune system. And, when it comes to snacks, Ambrosias have sweet treats beat. Apples contain complex carbohydrates that offer sustained energy instead of a sugar-induced spike and crash. Now that’s a bite with a lot of benefits.




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We love to hear from Ambrosia fans. You can connect with us on social media by following us on  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and  Instagram but you can also simply hit reply to this email! That’s exactly what Dorothy Ann did. After the harvest she sent us a note to say, “We love Ambrosia apples and just bought a bag from our local Sam’s club!
Wow! I’ve missed that crisp texture and sweet taste.” Thanks for sharing with us Dorothy Ann. What about you? Go ahead and hit reply. Tell us about your Ambrosia apple story.
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