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Do You Like To Travel?
We are days away from announcing our next contest and if you like to travel, you’re going to want to stay tuned. We can’t give you all the details just yet but we can tell you that the grand prize is going to include a 3-day Okanagan getaway for 4 including the best of the region (think spa, wine, food, scenery and Ambrosia apples, of course). Keep an eye on your email inbox for all the details on how you can win.
Apples for Immunity
Ever wonder why ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’? Apples are high in soluble fibre (including Pectin), antioxidants (Quercetin, in particular) and vitamin C which all support a healthy immune system. Whether you like your Ambrosia on its own, in a recipe or blended into your morning smoothie,getting one a day is a great way to stay healthy this winter. And, since Ambrosia apples are so delicious, taking your medicine has never tasted so good.
Please Enjoy a Sample

We love to hand out samples of Ambrosia apples at events. There’s nothing better than seeing that satisfied reaction the first time someone bites into a slice of Ambrosia. We also love to meet long time fans of Ambrosia. We’ll be sampling Ambrosia at the Vancouver Wellness Show (Feb. 12 – 14), Calgary Winefest (Feb. 19 – 20) and Homestyles in Saskatoon (Mar. 10 – 13). We’ll save a slice for you.

We Love the Love

Lately we’ve been hanging out on social media and really feeling the love. Have you tweeted or posted to Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook about Ambrosia apples? These folks have.

@JonKlopfstein: Ambrosia apples are the best!
@Apokalyptonaut: I love APPLES and ambrosia apples are the best of all!!!

@SincerelyEm___: Avocados and Ambrosia Apples are my current obsessions right now!! Author Sharon Denise Moore (on Facebook): I am probably late to the party on this but…Ambrosia apples are the truth! Where have they been all of my life? I definitely have a new fav to munch on while I work my butt off behind the scenes to get this book to you in a few months! 🙂 Can you tell that I may be just a tad bit excited?

Join the love-fest and be sure to use the hashtag #AmbrosiaApples so we can find and share your posts. Connect with us directly on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.
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