Ambrosia Apple Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie BoardHow To Design the Best Ambrosia Apple Charcuterie Board

On a well laid out charcuterie board you might find nuts, fruit, seed crackers, spreads, preserves, and a myriad of other snackables. But, not all flavours belong together. To help you put together a creative yet cohesive board featuring Ambrosia apples as the centrepiece, we thought we’d give you a hand with some tips on what pairs well with Ambrosia apples.


Because Ambrosia apples have low acidity, you’ll want to select meats that are not as fatty and not as salty. We find that finely sliced ham, spicy salami (like a Genoa or Capacoli), and smoked turkey all set off the sweetness of Ambrosia apples in a slightly different way. These are our top three choices for the charcuterie element of your board.


There are so many cheeses that pair well with Ambrosia apples. We particularly like to have one creamy cheese (like a brie), one sharp cheese such as aged cheddar, and one blue cheese. Each one of these styles of cheese celebrates a different aspect of the Ambrosia apple. You’ll find that the creamy cheese complements Ambrosia’s sweetness, the cheddar will bring forward the juiciness, while the blue cheese will draw out the slight tartness of an Ambrosia apple (which also serves to soften the earthiness of the blue cheese).


There are some classic apple-nut pairings that work really well with Ambrosia apples. Among them are walnuts, pecans, and almonds. One that many people don’t think to try is cashews but the mild, creamy flavour is a real treat with Ambrosia. 


Spreads add real variety to any board. You can smear them on the board directly or around the board in dipping cups. Any of the above nuts in the form of ‘nutbutter’ work really well as a smear, as do seed butters, and even Nutella. One of our favourite spreads to serve with Ambrosia apples has to be hummus. There is something so perfect about the way these two foods bring out the most of each other when eaten together. We love it so much we even created a Roasted Ambrosia Apple Hummus Recipe. Our absolute favourite spread is our Turmeric Ambrosia apple butter!

Other Fruits & Preserves

Naturally, Ambrosia Apples pair well with other tree fruits like pears, cherries, and peaches. However, because other fruits don’t store as well as Ambrosia apples, there is a very small window when you can serve them together. That’s where dried fruit and preserves come in. We absolutely love to add dried tart cherries, prunes, and raisins to our Ambrosia apple board. For preserves, try preserved walnuts, capers or olives (the salt really brings out the sweet of Ambrosia apples) or even a pepper jelly. We tend to stay away from traditional jams as they are overly sweet when paired with Ambrosia apples.

These are just a few suggestions that should give you a good start in creating a beautiful board for your next party or gathering of friends. Have fun with the layout as well. You could place your sliced Ambrosia apples in the centre and have each selection surrounding it like the rays of the sun or you could have a more haphazard approach with little pockets of ingredients all over the board. Have fun, get creative and share your design with us on social media! #Ambrosiaapples

Ambrosia Apples