Meet the Farmers – Doug Boult

Ambrosia apples farmerWe visited Doug, his wife Roberta and Doug’s parents at Rafter B Farms in Cawston, just before the 2019 Fall harvest. We toured the farm, learned a few secrets about growing the perfect Ambrosia apple, and got to know the Boults a little better. You can view that video – CLICK HERE

Since the video, Doug is happy to report a successful 2020 harvest, despite the setbacks of the pandemic. “On a positive note,” he says, “there was no hail this year, and that makes me very happy!”

Doug knew farming was in his future right out of high school. He loves producing a food item, and the interaction with the different employees every year. Doug tells us. “There is always something to do on a farm. I hire employees to help thin and pick the apples, but I do most of the other work myself. It seems the work is never caught up.”

The Boults planted their first Ambrosia block in 2000 and currently have 11.5 acres of Ambrosia. Doug admits that Ambrosia apples are one of the best tasting, quality apples to grow. “They are very grower friendly meaning that they will consistently grow a quality apple year after year,” he tells us.

We asked Doug what he would like consumers to know about farming. His answer was enlightening and quite simple: “Farming is very hard work and food doesn’t magically appear on the store shelves,” he reminds us. “There are numerous steps and people involved to enable the consumer to bite into a quality Ambrosia apple, or any other piece of food for that matter.”

Doug also urges consumers Buy BC: “Demand that your grocery store supply BC grown commodities when they are in season,” he says. Tell your produce manager what you would like to see and support BC growers.”

Thanks Doug!

Ambrosia Apples