Ambrosia Apples for Healthy Hair

Can eating apples really lead to fuller, shinier hair?

Need another reason to eat your Ambrosia apple every day? Probably not, because there are already so many reasons! Here’s one anyway. It turns out that healthy daily habit of yours is also going to lead to great looking hair!

Scientific studies and personal experiments have led to a variety of claims around the relationship between apples and healthy hair.

Here are a few ways that apples may help you keep your tresses looking terrific.

Procyanidin B-2

Procyanidin B-2 is a type of antioxidant that’s found in apples and studies have found that it also promotes hair growth. The trick to getting maximum benefit is to apply the apples topically to your hair. To do this, try juicing some Ambrosia apples and using it to rinse hair after washing – that is if you can stop yourself from drinking it!


Biotin is a B Vitamin (also known as B7) found in apples. An indicator of a Biotin deficiency is hair loss. This has led many to believe that getting sufficient biotin in your diet is essential to having fuller, stronger hair (despite there not being any formal studies done on the correlation between biotin and hair thickness or strength).

Immune Support

Hair loss or thinning may also be caused by excessive inflammation in the body and an immune system in distress. Nutrient rich apples help support the immune system. When the immune system is functioning well, as this study reveals, hair follicles are stimulated and strengthened. This means that less hair falls out and new hair growth is promoted.

Hair Rinse

Health magazines and wellness blogs have been touting the benefits of an apple cider vinegar (ACV) hair rinse for years. Although there are no formal scientific studies, anecdotal accounts are leading lots of people to give it a try. They claim the microbial property of ACV helps decrease itchiness of the scalp and therefore decreases the appearance of dandruff. They also say it can be used to help remove residue left by hair products that can weigh hair down. And, the acidity of the vinegar also helps to restore the Ph balance of hair to give it a shinier, less frizzy appearance.

Who knew apples could do so much for your ‘do? And, with so many other benefits to your health, you can feel good about reaching for an Ambrosia apple every day.

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