3 Ways Ambrosia Apples Can Make Your Home Smell Like the Holidays

Filling your home with the aroma of happy holidays

Ambrosia apples holidaysIt’s that time of year when we spend a little more time indoors and we invite people into our homes. Before you reach for the synthetic air freshener, consider giving your home a pleasing holiday scent the natural way. Create an olfactory story that makes people feel joyful, comforted, and at home without the ‘Christmas Spice’ plugin.

Ambrosia apples can play a key role in this holiday scent-scape. Here are a few ways to bring a friendly, smile-inducing aroma to your house.


Forget the image of potpourri that you might be harbouring from the 80’s. There’s a much fresher (and less dusty) way to embrace the subtle aroma of dried fruit and flowers – make it yourself. Store-bought potpourri can contain all kinds of synthetic fragrances. When you make your own you can keep it natural. And, add the scent of Ambrosia apples, of course.

Here’s how to make potpourri. Potpourri can be placed around the home for a gentle scent or you can simmer it on the stove to activate the aroma for a home-filling olfactory experience.

Apple Pomander

Take your holiday home aroma back in time with homemade Ambrosia apple pomanders. Making them is a great snow-day activity that everyone in the family can be a part of. All you need are some fresh Ambrosia apples and a few handfuls of whole cloves. If you plan to hang your Ambrosia pomanders, you’ll also need some string and a bit of glue.

How to Make an Apple Pomander:

  • Start the craft by selecting Ambrosia apples that are not bruised and have the stem intact.
  • Take your time and start poking the cloves into the apple. You can create a design with the cloves or keep it random. If it’s difficult to poke the cloves through the Ambrosia apple skin, you can use a toothpick to pre-poke the holes.
  • Once your Ambrosia is filled with cloves, you can tie the string to the stem and add a dollop of glue to secure the stem and string – you don’t want pomanders falling off!

You can put these sweet smelling pomanders on your tree, line them up on the mantle, use them in a centrepiece, or place them in a bowl. However you do it, they’ll add a fantastic fragrance to your holiday home.


Often the best scent-memories of the holidays come from the oven. Ambrosia apples are distinct in their appeal as both an eating apple and a baking apple but you don’t have to limit yourself to apple pie! You can get that mouth-watering baked-apple smell filling your kitchen from a variety of Ambrosia apple recipes.

Here are a few recipes to try:

Ambrosia Apple Pudding Cake

Ambrosia Apple Cheesecake Bars

Sweet Ambrosia Apples with Lavender Honey

Looking for more baked recipe ideas? Check out all of our recipes here.

However you incorporate Ambrosia apples into your holiday scent-scape, we hope it fills your home with happy thoughts that create joyous memories.

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