Ottawa Ont.Mar 13, 2016.Tim Hortons Brier.Alberta skip Kevin Koe, Curling Canada/ michael burns photoHanging with the Curlers       

If you haven’t noticed, the sport of curling is having a renaissance in Canada and around the world. It’s a way for people to be a part of a team, get active, use their strategic mind and even give their vocal chords a workout. Plus, here in Canada, the curling rink is (a little) warmer than outside. ‘What does that have to do with Ambrosia apples?’, you might be thinking. Well, we like what curling represents – health and community. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor the 2016 Home Hardware Canada Cup and to be the presenting sponsor of the 2017 Canadian Junior Curling Championships.

08-ambrosia_apples-nvdc_054Loved or Hated by Dentists?

We know the old adage about an apple a day keeping the doctor away but what about the dentist? Could eating apples benefit your dental health? We looked into this in one of our latest blogs and discovered that apples can be good for your teeth but not all apples are created equal. When it comes to dental health, Ambrosia apples are better than others. Find out why here.

Ambrosia apples and sleep

Shorter Days can Lead to Long, Sleepless Nights

With the hours of daylight waning each day and the recent return to standard time, our body’s circadian rhythm might be a bit out of whack. Many people report challenges with getting a good night’s sleep during this transitional time of year. There are plenty of remedies for this issue but none are as tasty as Ambrosia apples. Here’s how apples can help you get a better sleep

saladSurprise in the Salad
Just because the summer is in the rear view mirror, it doesn’t mean we have to give up our salads. In fact, now is a great time to eat salad, especially when you top them with Ambrosia apples. We love raw bites of Ambrosia scattered on our greens but there are definitely more creative options. Check out a few of them here. Or, see how beautifully Ambrosia apples go with ham in a Deconstructed Waldorf Salad.
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ambrosia applesUpcoming Event

Attention prairie folk! We’re coming to Agribition this week. If you’re going to be in Regina, we’d love to meet you and share a slice of Ambrosia apple with you. Stop by our booth and say hi.


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