Ambrosia Apples in Canada

Harvest in Full Swing   

Up and down the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys, Ambrosia apples are being plucked from their trees. You should be seeing them in stores and at farmer’s markets now. Have you bought your first Ambrosia apples of the season yet? Here’s the big news – they’re a bit bigger this harvest. Our farmers are reporting an excellent crop this year so get your hands (yep, both hands) around a big one soon!

Helping Kids Make Healthy Choices

Tell a kid that something is good for them and chances are they’ll refuse to eat it. Getting kids to eat healthily has long been the bane of parenting. It doesn’t have to be. Parenting experts and researchers have put countless hours into figuring out how to encourage children to make healthy food choices and we’ve put together 5 of their best tips in this blog.

Bring on the Bats

There are only a few people who love bats but you can count Ambrosia orchardists among them. Why would farmers want these creatures cruising their orchard? You might be surprised how useful these winged animals can be. Check out this blog to learn about this unlikely friendship and what’s threatening it.

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@DishntheKitchen: Our West Kelowna BnB stay came with a welcome surprise … these delicious

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@_EricLowe: Theeeeey’re back. #Ambrosia apples. Yes I get excited by #apples
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Ambrosia Apples