November 2018 – Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Ambrosia Apples

Six Common Mistakes You Might Be Making

Ambrosia apples mistakesBy now you know that Ambrosia apples aren’t like other apples. They’re crisp and juicy with a sweet, honeyed flavour. They’re also naturally low in acid which means they’re slow to brown after being cut. These unique characteristics mean that several ‘apple-rules’ don’t apply. Are you making these common mistakes with your Ambrosia apples? Find out here.


Ambrosia Apple Cheesecake Bars

Have you started your holiday baking? Here’s a new recipe that we’re betting will quickly become a family favourite. We’ve combined the sweetness of Ambrosia apples with a creamy, cheesecake filling, and a surprising gingersnap crust. It’s quite a treat! You might want to make two batches – these will go fast.

Ambrosia Apple Cheesecake Bars Recipe
Ambrosia Apple Cheesecake Bars Recipe

Ambrosia apples and honey bees

More Bees Please

If you love Ambrosia apples, thank a bee. We owe everything to these little miracles of nature. In fact, we’re so grateful for the bees that we wrote a whole blog about it. Read it and we think you’ll see why YOU should love bees too. Discover what the buzz is about here.


Ambrosia apples soup recipeCozy Comfort in a Bowl

Sometimes, soup is the only response to the chilly, windy weather of fall.  This Ambrosia apple recipe features pumpkin (any style you fancy), Ambrosia apples, and spice. The result is a velvety bowl of perfection that feels like a hug on a cold day. The Ambrosia apples bring in a little bit of sweetness, the spices add some heat, and the pumpkin delivers some cozy comfort. Snuggle up with bowl.

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