April 2018 – This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Crumble Recipe

Ambrosia apples growers

A Family that Farms Together…

Many farmers dream of their children taking over the business some day. That’s exactly what’s in the plans for this Ambrosia apple growing family. When we visited them last fall, we discovered the embodiment of the idea that a family who farms together, stays together. We love to introduce you to the people who grow your Ambrosia apples. Meet the Gill family of Lake Country, BC.


Ambrosia apples & acid reflux

Ambrosia Apples for Acid Reflux?

Many people experience digestive issues. It often feels like a burning sensation in the chest, usually right after eating a big or spicy meal. Sound familiar? Good news. With a few dietary adjustments you can decrease the frequency of these symptoms. And, the even better news? Ambrosia apples can be a tasty part of these diet changes. Find out how in this blog.


Ambrosia apples - apple crumble recipe

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Crumble

Looking for a delicious and healthy dessert that just happens to be gluten-free? We’ve got just the thing! This twist on a classic dessert is healthy and suitable for those on a celiac diet. But, your guest who can eat gluten, certainly won’t miss it. This recipe is sure to please the whole crowd.


Ambrosia apples

Juicing for Joy

Juicing is a health craze that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. There are many different ways to jump on this juicy health trend. Ambrosia apples make delicious juice so we thought we’d take a look at the best way to extract the nectar. You can find our comparison of different juicing options in our blog.

Ambrosia apples delicious

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@psych_em_out: My favourite apple is the Ambrosia Crisp, very firm and crunchy. Beautiful red colour with green and yellow marbling. Perfect sweetness to acidity taste. Medium/large size normally. Can also be very small. In my opinion, the perfect apple.

@WhatsAnAfua: Yooo Ambrosia apples are the bomb.

@MacheteToe: … It’s become my quiet mission to spread the word. One guy at work is well known for eating green apples, I brought him an Ambrosia one day. Blew his mind. He texted me from the grocery store that weekend to tell me he was buying a bag.
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