April 2021 – Let’s Get Outside!

The weather is getting warmer, and health officials are encouraging us to get outside. If you’re planning a hike in the glorious Spring weather, why not take an Ambrosia apple with you? Ambrosia apples make a perfect snack for any outdoor activity. They can be eaten whole, or you can cut them up in the morning and eat several hours later; their low acidity makes them very slow to brown! If you’re feeling truly adventurous, check out the Ambrosia Apple Trail Mix recipe below.


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Ambrosia Apple a Day Update

We proposed a New Year’s resolution challenge for an Ambrosia Apple A Day, and one of our team members, Patricia, rose to the occasion. She tells us that it is definitely a habit now! “I can’t imagine a day without an Ambrosia apple,” she tells us. “As a matter of fact, I recently had some dental work done and couldn’t eat solid food for a few days.” Patricia didn’t let that stop her, though, she made some Ambrosia applesauce in her Instant Pot. “I got into Instant Pot cooking this winter,” she tells us. “I thought that it would be perfect for applesauce and I was right!” See Patricia’s recipe below, and stay tuned for more on her progress.

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Meet the Farmers Update

Over the last several months, we’ve been catching up with some of the Ambrosia orchardists who are profiled on our website. We’ve been asking them about what made them become farmers in the first place, and what they’d like consumers to know about farming, and reporting what has changed since their videos were produced. Check out the latest update from Shane Witzke. CLICK HERE

Ambrosia apple trail mix

Ambrosia Apple Trail Mix

Don’t run out of energy on the trail! This is the perfect snack for active Ambrosia apple lovers. We combine the classic ingredients of trail mix with dehydrated Ambrosia apple chunks and an unexpected sweet surprise. Each handful is its own adventure and a great way to ensure happy trails. Get the recipe CLICK HERE


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Patricia’s Instant Pot Ambrosia Applesauce

This was the easiest way I’ve ever made applesauce! I didn’t peel the apples, because I know that so many nutrients are in the skin. The result was so tasty and sweet. I divided mine into 5 small containers so that I was still eating an Ambrosia Apple a Day after some dental work, but I’d honestly never buy apple sauce again. 
• 5 Ambrosia apples, chopped and cored
• 1c water
Put the chopped Ambrosia apples in the Instant Pot and add the water. Set on high pressure for five minutes. I used Instant release, but natural release would work just as well. Drain the excess water and blend to desired consistency using an immersion blender. Serve.


Social Media Round UP

Reader Feedback and Social Media Roundup
Here’s some feedback we received about our newsletter:
“I loved the Ambrosia Beans… Hubby not so much he found them too sweet…
There’s just no pleasing some folk…lol… We both enjoy eating an Ambrosia Apple with a hunk ‘o’ old Cheddar Cheese (Canadian of course)…
Thank you for the super recipes…” – Ann
“I love Ambrosia Apples!” – Irene
“After reading Patricia’s very delicious sounding potato and apple recipes, I thought I should share this snack idea: quesadillas made with slices of process cheese layered with thin slices of ambrosia apples on flour tortillas.” – Maureen
Thanks, Ladies! Keep the comments coming; we love to hear from our readers!
Our Social Media Roundup continues to be a hit. Here are a few of our favourites:
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