Are Ambrosia Apples Good for Pie?

How do you select an apple for an apple pie?

Ambrosia apples pieFor the longest time, people have categorized apples as being either ‘baking apples’ or ‘eating apples’. What they mean by this is that some apples are good to eat raw and fresh while other apples are better baked. Often the latter are apples that are too tart or too mealy to be enjoyed raw.

When Ambrosia apples were first discovered, they were favoured by the apple pickers who ate them fresh right off the tree. So, one might assume that Ambrosia apples are an ‘eating apple’.

But then, chefs and home cooks started baking with them and to their total delight, they discovered they were also great ‘baking apples’.

So, to answer the question often asked, ‘Are Ambrosia apples good for pie?’ the answer is YES! But, they are also spectacularly satisfying raw.

One thing to note when making apple pie with Ambrosia apples is that you might not need as much sugar. Ambrosia apples are naturally sweet so, many bakers find that they can actually cut down on the sugar in their usual apple pie recipe.

We’ve shared some fantastic variations of Ambrosia apple pies on this website. If you want to give baking with Ambrosia apples a try, here are a few recipes we highly recommend:

Ambrosia Apple Tart Tartin

This is a fan-favourite, award-winning recipe from Vancouver Chef, Alessandro Vianello.

Crust-less Ambrosia Apple Pie a la Hasselback

If you want an Instagram-worthy dessert try these baked apples with a Scandinavian twist.

Ambrosia Apple Tartlets

These personal size apple pies are a real family favourite from Okanagan chef, Ricardo Scebba.

Gluten Free Ambrosia Apple Crumble

If you haven’t had a crumble in years, this is the recipe to bring you back.

Do you have a favourite baked Ambrosia apple dish? We’d love to hear about it. Share it with us on social media and perhaps we’ll even feature it on our blog!

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