Are Ambrosia Apples Good for Your Healthy Hydration?

Meet Hydration Goals the Tasty Way

Ambrosia apples hydrathionStaying well hydrated is one of the cornerstones of optimal health. But, maintaining that doesn’t have to be as boring as ‘drink plenty of water.’ Eating Ambrosia apples can be a tasty and effective way to meet your healthy hydration goals.

There are two ways that Ambrosia apples contribute to good hydration but before we explain that, let’s talk about why it’s so important to be well hydrated.

Our bodies are 60 % water. When our water levels are too low, the body starts to change internally.

For example, all of our organs require water to function properly.  One of the ways we might notice being dehydrated is when the brain starts to send signals that it needs more water. This might feel like mental fatigue, foggy brain, or even a headache.  Did you know that a dehydration headache is actually caused by your brain drying up or shrinking from lack of water, and pulling away from your skull? Ouch!

We are less likely to notice when other organs are dehydrated but they can experience similar shrinkage. Dehydration can cause your heart to work harder which can lead to cardiovascular concerns.

Muscles do a pretty good job of signaling that they are in need of more water. When muscles are dehydrated, you might feel sore, weakness, or in some cases cramping or twitching.

And, that’s not all. Good digestion is dependent on proper hydration.  And, skin health can be negatively affected by dehydration – in fact, chronic dehydration has been linked to premature skin aging.

So, you can see how important it is to get enough water for our bodies to function the way we want them to every day. Luckily, Ambrosia apples can be a healthy part of that solution.

Ambrosia apples are 85% water. That ‘eight glasses of water a day’ rule we grew up with, doesn’t have to mean actual water in a glass. You can include the hydration benefits you get from your food in your calculations – like the water you get from eating fresh Ambrosia apples.

In addition to containing water, Ambrosia apples also have a good amount of fibre. This might not seem relevant but fibre slows down the digestive process which, in turn, delays hydration delivery to the body’s cells. So, unlike drinking water (which instantly hydrates) eating an apple will provide hydration benefits to the body slowly, over time. This is something that endurance athletes are often looking for because they want sustained hydration and they can’t always stop for a water break.

Another reason athletes love to eat apples for hydration is because they contain electrolytes. Electrolytes are necessary for muscles to contract which is something that isn’t just important to athletes. We all need to keep moving to stay healthy.

Plus, Ambrosia apples are so tasty and refreshing that they’re sure to put a smile on your face. And happiness is another cornerstone of optimal health.


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