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Did You Know?
Many people think that if you plant an apple seed you’ll get an apple tree. You will get a tree but don’t hold your breath for the same apples. Apple seeds do germinate but they seldom deliver the same variety of apples that the seed came from. Sometimes the tree won’t even bear fruit. When Sally and Wilfrid Mennell discovered the very first Ambrosia apple tree it had been a chance seedling – a happy freak of nature. So, don’t bother planting an apple seed – if it’s fresh-from-the-tree Ambrosias you’re looking for you’ll have to visit an Ambrosia apple grower.

Reply Within
We love to connect with Ambrosia apple fans on social media but what about people who aren’t on social media? How are they supposed to join the fan club? This newsletter is the perfect way to send some love. In case you didn’t know, you can simply hit reply to this newsletter to contact us. That’s what Dorothy Ann did recently and sent us this note: “I love Ambrosia Apples! They are wonderful! They’re the only kind of apple my family eats and we’re very particular. They’re not the cheapest apple, but wow! When I can’t find Ambrosia I buy Granny Smith apples and while they’re crunchy they just don’t have that zing!” Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dorothy Ann.

Social Sound-off

Speaking of social media, here’s what has Ambrosia apple fans atwitter on Twitter these days:
@mywinepal: Day2 my white #sangria made with Ambrosia apples, peaches, lemon and lime is tasting excellent!
@RobinMacNab: Tried my first Ambrosia apple today. Tasty!
@stonesthrowcafe: It’s not hard to make a delicious chicken salad…Ambrosia apples, celery, green onion & mayo with fresh basil! Yum.

Do you have a great recipe featuring Ambrosias or a passion for our favourite apple that you just have to share? Make sure we know about it by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


The Season Ahead

Not only are we anxiously awaiting our local Ambrosia apples to ripen to perfection , we’re also excited about another season of exciting contests. We can’t share any details right now but know that we’ve got a few ideas growing and we’ll tell you all the tasty details as soon as we can. As a subscriber to this newsletter, you’ll be the first to know!


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