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August 2019 – Do you dip, dunk, or drench your Ambrosia Apples?

Ambrosia apple dips

Dip, Dunk, or Drench

If you ask us, fresh Ambrosia apple slices are one of the most satisfying snacks around. Sometimes, we like to get saucy and take them for a dip. We recently shared 5 scrumptious dip recipes that will elevate your Ambrosia snacking. Some people turn an Ambrosia apple into a small meal while others feel like a decadent dessert (even though they’re healthy). Each dip is worth a try! Once you pick your favourite, the only question left will be whether to dip, dunk, or drench your Ambrosia. Find out here.

Ambrosia apples and shrimp skewers

Hot Stuff on the BBQ!

Attention BBQ-lovers! This recipe is sweet, spicy, and hot off the grill. We skewer spicy prawns and Ambrosia apple chunks to serve as an alternative to BBQ fare or as an accompaniment to summer salad favourites. Check out the recipe here . Don’t forget to snap a sizzling pic and share it with us on social media using #AmbrosiaApples. Here’s where you can find us getting social: Twitter,  FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

Ambrosia apples and fibre

Friends with Fibre

How’s your fibre? It’s not a question that gets asked very often but it’s an important one. If you don’t know why it’s important, then you should check out our recent blog on the topic. The good news is that once you gain an appreciation for the role that fibre plays in your health, you can increase your fibre intake by simply eating more Ambrosia apples!

Ambrosia Apples in the House

We know summer is still going strong and fall is a distant thought for most but we’re already looking forward to winter. That’s because Ambrosia Apples is returning as a sponsor of Curling Canada for the upcoming season. We’ll be kicking things off at the Canada Cup in Leduc, Alberta at the end of November. We love to fuel curlers with nutritious Ambrosia apples and attend curling events with plenty of Ambrosia apples to share. Are you looking forward to the curling season or is it just us?