August 2023 – Behind the Name and Other Sweet August Surprises

Ambrosia Apple Jam
Keeping the Harvest – Ambrosia Jam

Make your own Ambrosia apple jam at home to enjoy all year long!…  CLICK HERE



Ambrosia Apple and Brie Tart

Ambrosia Apples Cookbook – Ambrosia Apple and Brie Tart with Figs and Walnuts

Impress your guests with this beautiful but easy-to-make dessert!… CLICK HERE


Ambrosia apples

Behind The Name

There is more to the Ambrosia name than you may think! Read the story behind this unique name…  CLICK HERE


Ambrosia Apples and Tomato Gazpacho Recipe

Recipe of the Month – Ambrosia Apples and Tomato Gazpacho Recipe

Recipe of the Month: With tomatoes plenty this month, this is the perfect recipe to try!  CLICK HERE


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Ambrosia apples @vineandbrancha posted a picture of baby Ambrosia apples and sunset skies
Ambrosia Apples @minden_homesteader posted their photo of Ambrosia apples “Studded” with Cherries and Raisins. We love this as an idea for apple preservation!
Ambrosia Apples snacks @montagueofficial posted a healthy and delicious-looking snack, including Ambrosia apples

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