Come Dine With Me – Roxy Goes Rogue

A local group of friends – all foodies — love to cook together when they visit each other’s homes. In light of the recent pandemic, they cannot share a kitchen, so instead they share a Facebook group: Come Dine With Me… At Home!

Over the last few months, they’ve shared a recipe every few weeks, prepared it on the same weekend, and then shared notes on taste, wine pairing ideas, and photos, on the Facebook group page. For one challenge, they decided to change things up a bit. This time, instead of one recipe, they were going to create a three-course dinner.

 They were given a choice of what to make from the website. The instructions were that they could substitute anything they wanted on any of the recipes – or create their own — but the dishes had to include Ambrosia apples. Everyone was asked to choose one appetizer, one entrée, and one dessert. Cocktails were optional.

Our next group Included: Roxy and Noel, Surrey, BC

Ambrosia apples purchased from: Save-On Foods online

As you can see by the photos, Roxy is a true artist when it comes to plating, and her dishes are always like works of art. She loves to conceive gorgeous dishes, and she’s not always certain as to what is in her on-line food order, so she decided to go “rogue” and create her own menu. “Having an opportunity to be creative with this beautiful apple was fun and delicious,” she says. “I felt like you really couldn’t go wrong.”

 She definitely hit it out of the park with the following menu:

  • Ambrosia Apple Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Disc
  • Ambrosia Apple and Fennel Spring Coleslaw
  • Barbecued Pork Chops with Ambrosia Apple and Cinnamon Beurre Blanc
  • Ambrosia Apple and Sausage Stuffed Swiss Chard Bundles
  • Ambrosia Apple and Blackberry Lumpia with Vanilla Ice Cream

“I was very excited to work with Ambrosia apples because they’re one of my favorites to eat crispy firm and sweet,” says Roxy. “It is firm and has a wonderful texture to cook with. The flavor of  the apples matches perfectly with fresh spring greens and herbs, mild cheeses, and the pork.”

“It’s all delicious,” says Roxy. “However the appetizer was our favorite! The candied pumpkin seeds fresh herbs goat cheese crispy prosciutto and crack of Pepper made the perfect bite with the juicy crisp Ambrosia apple vessel.”


Roxy had never cooked with ambrosia apples before, but she certainly plans to do so again! “I loved the flexibility of being creative and having one ingredient to focus on!” she says. “I think Ambrosia apples  in our stuffing whether it be a sausage stuffing or stuffing in a cabbage roll is going to be a new favorite! Also, the Ambrosia apple butter sauce for the pork chops was outstanding – w ould probably be equally delicious on ice cream even with the hint of cayenne mixed in!”

Would you like to come dine with Ambrosia Apples? Share your interest by contacting us on our Instagram page, or by posting and tagging @bcambrosia and #ComeDineWithMe. We will contact you for a few details, and if your menu is featured, you’ll win a fancy Ambrosia apple bag! Check out our recipes here









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