Welcome to our next installment of Come Dine With Me… At Home!

The premise is simple: create a three-course menu with Ambrosia apples as the star of each dish. Home cooks can choose their recipes from the Ambrosiaapples.ca website, and can substitute anything they want on any of the recipes, or create their own. Everyone is instructed to choose one appetizer, one entrée, and one dessert. All the dishes must include Ambrosia apples. Cocktails are optional.

Our next group is Bethany and Will from New Westminster.

 Apples were purchased from City Market at the New Westminster Quay.

Ambrosia apples, pumkin soupBeth is a busy mom of an adorable five-month-old girl, Ellie. During the pandemic, Beth and her husband, Will, have been working from home. “My original plan was to be very fancy and creative,” she tells us. “But then reality set in. I have a five-month-old baby. So, I chose things that would come together easily, using ingredients I had on hand, given the hectic schedule of having an infant.”

The first course was Ambrosia Apple and Pumpkin Soup from the Ambrosia apples website.

“With the soup, I used butternut squash instead of pumpkin.” says Beth. “I took out a portion before adding the cayenne and coconut milk, to freeze for Ellie. She’s just started solid foods, but in a month or two she’ll be ready for multi-flavour purees and she can have some soup then!”

Ambrosia apples, pork tenderloinNext up was another recipe from the Ambrosia apples site: the Slow-cooker Apple Maple Pork Tenderloin. “The slow cooker stuff comes together easily and cooks all day,” says Beth. “As a result, my house smelled like autumn.”

 Beth saved the best dish for last: a Plum Apple Crumble recipe from Canadian Living. “I think our favourite dish was the crumble,” she tells us. “That’s where the apples really got to shine brightest. The recipe called for one part apples to two parts plums, but I reversed that because I wanted it to be mostly apple with the plum to add some variety. It was fantastic. We paired it with some oatmeal ice cream from Rocky Point Ice Cream and the result was to die for.”

Ambrosia apple crumbleBefore this challenge, Beth had never cooked with Ambrosia apples before, but will again. “I’ve eaten them raw, but never cooked with them,” she tells us. “We often struggle to come up with interesting things to eat and often make the same things over and over. This challenge forced me outside the box and helped me find some really tasty recipes that I think I’ll make again (though probably not all at the same time… at least not until the baby is a bit bigger!)”

Recipes used in this challenge:

Appetizer – Ambrosia Apple and Pumpkin Soup, recipe from Ambrosia apples site: https://ambrosiaapples.ca/ambrosia-apple-and-pumpkin-soup-recipe/

Main – Slow-cooker Apple Maple Pork Tenderloin, recipe from Ambrosia apples site: https://ambrosiaapples.ca/slow-cooker-apple-maple-pork-tenderloin/

Dessert – Plum Apple Crumble, recipe from Canadian Living:


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