Come Dine With Me in the Sushwap

Ambrosia apple recipeOur next Dine With Me instalment comes from Michelle and Bruce, who live in Salmon Arm, BC with their three boys, ten year old Sam, eight year old Andy, and seven year old Tyler.

Hockey reigns in this Sushwap home. All three boys play, and Bruce coaches, so Michelle does most of the cooking in this busy household. “With all of my boys in hockey, winter is especially busy,” she tells us. “I feel like I spend more time at the rink or in the van than I do in the kitchen. I am always on the lookout for recipes that are easy to prepare, and that my picky boys will eat! They both love apples, so I  thought I’d give this three course menu a go. Unfortunately, time got away from me, so I was only able to get two courses done. I hope it still qualifies?” Of course it does!

Michelle chose two easy to prepare recipes, the main course she adapted to incorporate Ambrosia apples, and she chose Grandma Gerry’s Ambrosia Apple Pie from our Come Bake With Grandma Blog. “I love reading the stories on the blogs about what other people make,” she says. “This looked like a very straight forward apple pie recipe.”

Michelle’s Menu:

One Pan Brown Sugar Pork and Apples  

Grandma Gerry’s Ambrosia Apple Pie

“We all loved the pork recipe, and the boys went crazy over the apples in it. The apples were still a bit crunchy which was nice. I was afraid they were going to go a bit mushy, but they didn’t. I served it with mashed potatoes and carrots. The boys cleaned their plates and asked for more. Not bad, when I feel like sometimes it’s a chore to get them to eat anything but hot dogs and chicken wings! I would make this again for sure, and even add more apples.

“The apple pie was also a hit,” enthused Michelle. “It wasn’t the prettiest pie in the world, but the crust was fantastic. I really appreciated Grandma Gerry’s tip to not handle the dough too much, and to add very cold water. This was the best pie crust I’ve ever made, and I’ll use it from now on! Thanks, Grandma Gerry!

“This was a really fantastic thing to do,” Michelle says. “As I say, anything that the boys will eat is a hit, but this was a home run!”

“You mean a hat trick,” Bruce remarks. “We are a hockey family!”

Thanks to Michelle for sharing her story. We love hearing success stories with Ambrosia apples, so keep them coming! Like Michelle attested, Ambrosia apples are really easy to incorporate into existing recipes, and our website has some fantastic recipes to choose from as well. #ComeDineWithAmbrosiaApples.




Ambrosia Apples