Ambrosia applesWith the warmer weather, outdoor cooking comes more and more into play. Luckily, Ambrosia apples pair beautifully on the barbecue with some old favourites. 

Our next Come Dine With Me instalment comes from Scot and Cathy, a busy working couple from Langley. Scot looks for any chance to barbecue that he can get, so when their friends, Mary and Ron were coming for dinner, he decided to grill some mouth-watering pork back ribs for the feast.

Their menu included:

  • Ambrosia and Prawn Skewers
  • Pork Back Ribs with Ambrosia Apple Barbecue Sauce
  • Almond Cake with Fresh Cream and Ambrosia Apple Compote

“I loved the idea of this challenge,” Cathy tells us. “We love Ambrosia apples, they are really the only apples that we have in the fridge at any given time.”

Scot and Cathy started with some lovely Ambrosia and Prawn skewers that they found on the Ambrosia apples website. “We really enjoyed the skewers, and would make them again for sure,” Cathy tells us.

Next was Scot’s turn: Pork Back Ribs with Ambrosia Apple Barbecue Sauce. “This sauce was absolutely incredible,” Scot tells us. “I used this recipe and included 100% Ambrosia apples. I mean 100%! Started with apple sauce that Cathy made in the Instant Pot, and even used the liquid that was left over for the apple juice!” 

For dessert, Scot made his Almond Cake with an Ambrosia apple compote. “I make this cake all the time,” he tells us. “It’s easy to make ahead of time, and it’s lovely with fresh or frozen fruit and some whipped cream or even ice cream. This time, we created a simple apple compote with Ambrosia apples: I just chopped the apples and heated them with a bit of brown sugar. It was delicious!”

“This was such a fun challenge,” Cathy tells us. “We will definitely cook with Ambrosia apples again!”



Ambrosia Apples