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Nutritious Nibbles

Tis’ the season to snack. From bite-size appetisers at holiday parties to lazy snow-days filled with grazing, every occasion seems to be accompanied by finger foods. If you want to add some nutrition to your nibbles, why not make Ambrosia apples the star? These Chicken, Ambrosia and Halloom Skewers are a fun yet healthy option for your next party or potluck. They’re made with whole foods and have lean protein, vitamin and fibre rich Ambrosia apple chunks and a little bit of creamy richness with a slice of Halloom (aka Halloumi) cheese. To make these even healthier, cut your cheese slice smaller and choose low fat Halloom – they’ll still be delicious.

Video: Perfect Finish to Your Meal

What’s more perfect than finishing a family meal with individual-sized Ambrosia apple tartlets? Why, making them a la mode, of course! That’s what Okanagan chef Ricardo Scebba does in this spectacular video. Before he gets to the ice cream on top, he walks us through the (very simple) process of making these tartlets. The only thing better than the taste of these individual tarts is the lack of fights over who’s slice is bigger. Pie and peace and quiet; now that’s the perfect way to finish a meal.
Delicious Ambrosia Apple Tartlets Recipe
Delicious Ambrosia Apple Tartlets Recipe


The Trick to Balancing Holiday Indulgences

 If you tend to come out of the holiday season bearing the gift of a few extra pounds, we’ve got a healthy trick that will help balance out your indulgences. Before the party or big meal, enjoy an Ambrosia apple. It may seem counter intuitive but eating this fibre rich treat  before you face down all of the other treats will cause you to feel full and help you resist overeating. The extra fibre will also help you digest all of that rich food. Ambrosia apples are your new secret weapon against the holiday heft!

The Giving Spirit

We’ll admit it; we’re caught up in the giving spirit. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we are extending our free recipe e-book giveaway. Hopefully, you already have your very own copy and are enjoying the recipes inside. Why not share the gift by letting your apple-loving friends know how they can get a copy of the Ambrosia Apple Lovers’ Cookbook. All they have to do is sign up for this newsletter and we’ll send them a copy of their very own. Share the apple love this holiday season.


Join the Community

We couldn’t be happier that you receive our newsletter (and open it, and read it all the way to the very bottom) – thank you! We feel that you know us so well, but we hardly know you. Why don’t you come visit us on one of our social media networks? You can find us on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where we love to meet Ambrosia apple fans, answer questions and hear all about your latest Ambrosia recipes or stories. Stop by anytime and say hello!

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