December 2018 – What Happened When we Doubled Down on Ambrosia Apples?

Roasted Ambrosia Apple Hummus RecipeAmbrosia apple Hummus Recipe

Hummus is a fantastic, healthy snack, appetizer or spread. We love to serve Ambrosia apples with hummus instead of crackers. It might seem like an unlikely combo but it really works! This got us thinking – how could we double down on this great idea? That’s when it hit us. We should put Ambrosia apples IN the hummus not just beside it! The result is double delicious. Give it a try.

Ambrosia apples wins

It’s Official!

The very best apples in Canada are grown right here in BC – and they’re Ambrosia. Every year at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, judges taste hundreds of apples from across the country. This year, they decided that an apple grown by farmers Robert and Jane Mennell deserved the to be the Grand Champion of New Varieties. The win seemed quite fitting – find out why in our blog  here.

Beans and Ambrosia apples recipe

More Beans Please

There is something so comforting about a big bowl of baked beans on a cold winter’s night. And, when you make it from scratch, the goodness is baked right in. We took a classic baked bean recipe using simple white beans and added Ambrosia apples. Wow. The spicy tomato sauce blends with the sweetness of Ambrosia to make these beans worth the wait. Grab the recipe here.

Ambrosia apples and teachers

Do Teachers Really Love Apples?

Giving a teacher an apple is a long-standing tradition but have you ever wondered where it comes from? We did. So, we looked into it. We were fascinated by the ancient connection between apples and wisdom. There was also a very practical, and more recent reason we give teachers apples. Find out  the reasons and discover why Ambrosia is your best choice as a teacher thank-you gift.

Ambrosia apples

Happy Holidays! 

From our orchards to your home, we wish you and your family the merriest of holidays and a happy new year. We look forward to sharing more Ambrosia news, recipes, and fresh BC Ambrosia apples with you in 2019. Stay connect with us on TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.