December 2019 – Sweet Smelling and Happy Holiday Homes

Ambrosia apples scenets Smells Like Holiday Spirit

Forget the synthetic ‘pine forest’ air freshener and the ‘Christmas Spice’ candles. If you want to fill your home with the aroma of the holidays do it naturally with a little help from Ambrosia apples. We pulled together 3 fragrant ways to fill your holiday home with happy smells. Click here to access these tips.

Ambrosia apple bars

It’s Hip to Bring Squares

Are you looking to add something new and tasty to your holiday treat repertoire? These Caramel Ambrosia Apple Squares are crowd-pleasers and scrumptious. Everyone will thank you if you bring these along to your next holiday party. Let us show you how to make them. Watch the video here.

Ambrosia apples and stress

Feeling Anxious

We talk a lot about the health benefits of Ambrosia apples in our blog but did you know that the benefits aren’t just physical? It turns out that eating Ambrosia apples may also help those dealing with feelings of anxiety. Find out how in this article.


Ambrosia apples dessert

Dessert On

Sometimes you’re craving something comforting and sweet but you don’t have the time or inclination to bake a whole pie. We’ve got the perfect answer – Ambrosia Apple Betty in a Mug! It’s fast, easy, and exactly what you need to satisfy your craving. Plus, the smell will have you feeling cozy and comforted. Keep this recipe handy for emergency craving responses!

Ambrosia apples contest

Contest Alert!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (and we’re not talking about the holidays). Our latest contest is just around the corner. Want a hint about what it will take to win the grand prize of a spring getaway in Osoyoos? This year’s theme is #AmbrosiaKitchen. That’s all we can say for now but stay tuned. We’ll send out an email with your official invitation to enter soon. Make sure you also follow us on social media so you don’t miss anything. We’re on TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, Instagram.