December 2021 – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Solstice is here, when Autumn becomes Winter, and the days start to get a little longer. During our conversations with farmers and consumers alike, there is a recurring message about the importance of community as we navigated another difficult year. We greatly appreciate each and every one of your support by continuing to buy Ambrosia apples, using them in your favourite apple dishes, and creating new recipes. We also encourage you to support all farmers and your local crafters and small businesses

Ambrosia ApplesApple a Day Recap

Patricia rose to the challenge last New Year’s to eat an Ambrosia apple a day and has thoroughly enjoyed this delectable yearlong journey. “Other than a week in Quebec, I’ve eaten an Ambrosia apple every single day this year,” she reports. “It has truly become a habit now, and I’m feeling overall more healthy and happy.” It’s no surprise to us, since we already know that Ambrosia apples are the BEST apples!


Ambrosia Apples pruning

Winter in the Orchard

Whether this is the beginning of the apple growing process or the end, one thing is for sure – pruning is a critical step that we need to appreciate when we bite into a big, juicy Ambrosia apple. Check out the Winter in the Orchard video on our Life of an Apple page to see this process in action.


apple baking

Come Cook With Me – One Dish at a Time

We had a number of home cooks who were ambitious enough to rise to the challenge of a three course menu, where Ambrosia apples are the star of each dish. We’ve had menus as diverse as you are and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every meal shared. Over the past few months, we’ve had a few submissions of one dish that you have chosen to share with us, and they have looked absolutely incredible! 

Would you like to give it a try? Share your interest by contacting us on our Instagram page, or by posting and tagging @bcambrosia and #ComeDineWithMe. We would love to feature your dish – or menu – featuring Ambrosia apples! For inspiration, check out our recipes Here.

baking with Ambrosia applesHoliday Baking

Although we tend to associate holiday baking with Christmas, most cultures have a reason to celebrate in the wintertime, and food plays an important role in the festivities. We recently posted a recipe for Challah bread in honour of our Jewish readers. Whatever your reason to celebrate, if the early 20s are proving anything, it is that we can get through this together! Again, thank you and all the best for your holiday celebrations!


Social Media Roundup

We love all the posts you’re making about Ambrosia harvest time in Canada!

Here are some of our favourite recent posts:

Ambrosia Apples @dessert_choco123 shared their version of an apple crumble tart!
Ambrosia Apples @tomlindaatkinson shared colourful barberry and Ambrosia apple Batard! How beautiful is that!?
Ambrosia Apples @jordansfoodnetwork shared a fantastic meal idea – spinach and Ambrosia apple stuffed chicken!
Ambrosia Apples @jasperbowlegs has a fantastic idea for Ambrosia apples as part of a side dish.
Ambrosia Apples @thatsmyjamjellies shared their thumbprint cookies – great idea to add to your Holiday baking list!
Ambrosia Apples @earlyriserbakerynj shared their Ambrosia apple scones. Yum! What a great way to start the day.

Would you like your recipe featured? Make sure to tag #Ambrosiaapples and #AmbrosiaKitchen and your photo may be featured next month!

We love to hear from you, so keep the comments and posts coming!  #AmbrosiaApples #AmbrosiaAppleADay

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