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Ambrosia Apples
Delicious Ambrosia apples

What is an Ambrosia apple?
The Ambrosia apple is an apple variety that was discovered by the Mennell family a few years ago in Cawston, British Columbia. The original tree was a “chance” seedling, meaning that an apple dropped on the ground and a tree grew from one of the seeds. The parentage of the Ambrosia apple remains unknown, but it may be a cross of Starking Delicious and Golden Delicious apples because those were the varieties of trees growing in that orchard. The original Ambrosia mother tree is still located in the Mennell’s orchard and the thousands of Ambrosia trees growing around the world are the result of branch clippings from that one tree.
What does the Ambrosia apple look and taste like?
Ambrosia is a glossy, bi-coloured apple. It has an attractive conical shape and smooth, flawless skin with a bright, almost fluorescent pink blush over a creamy-yellow and green background. The apple has tender, juicy flesh with a fine, crisp texture, and its honeyed flavour will saturate your taste buds, leaving you refreshed and satisfied. Ambrosia is also a low-acid apple, which makes it easier for kids and older people to digest.
What does the Ambrosia brand mean?
The true Ambrosia brand is an apple slice showing the one special seed that produced the Ambrosia mother tree. When you see this brand on an apple sticker, you are guaranteed the apple will be of the highest quality. In other words, that Ambrosia apple will have been harvested at the perfect time and stored under the very best conditions. The apple will be partially red over a yellow-green background and it will be crisp, juicy and flavourful when you bite in to it.
Why did we name the apple Ambrosia?
Ambrosia means “food of the Gods” – a perfect name for an extraordinary apple. The Ambrosia apple is a rare beauty that is a delight for all the senses.
How do I store Ambrosia apples after purchase?
Once you have purchased your Ambrosia apples, you should store them in the refrigerator crisper to ensure they retain their flavour and crisp texture.
When are Ambrosia apples picked and how long can you store them?
Ambrosia apples are typically harvested around late September to early October in the Northern Hemisphere. They have one of the shortest harvesting windows of any commercial apple variety; therefore, Ambrosia orchards must be carefully monitored in the weeks leading up to harvest. If the apples are picked at the optimum time and properly treated and stored, they will remain fresh and flavourful after six months in storage. If you see the Ambrosia brand on the apple sticker, you are guaranteed the apple was picked at the right time and that it will be an exceptional eating experience when you buy it from the store in March.
What are other benefits to buying Ambrosia apples?
Theoriginal Ambrosia apple growers were so excited about this variety and its potential that they invested heavily in marketing and ensuring everyone had an opportunity to try the apple. This effort has paid off as innumerable people have been won over by the juiciness and crunchy texture of an Ambrosia apple.



Today, Ambrosia is one of the 10 most popular apple varieties in North America and generates one of the highest financial returns to growers. This is important because it means that every time you buy an Ambrosia apple, you are supporting a local farmer and helping to sustain a thriving and more diverse agricultural system.

What are some serving options?
The Ambrosia apple has many unique qualities which makes it the premium choice for all your favourite apple recipes. Considered an all-purpose apple, Ambrosia’s versatility makes it suitable for eating out of hand, for salads or desserts, in entrees, or with cheese. The delicious Ambrosia apple is slow to oxidize, which means that when it is cut or sliced, it remains fresh and white for many hours – making it perfect for salads and fruit plates. For a fresh fruit snack at work or school, take a sliced Ambrosia apple in an airtight plastic container.


Ambrosia is also an excellent choice for creating professional looking pies and flans because the apple slices retain their shape when cooked. If you are looking for sweetness from your apple, then Ambrosia is difficult to beat. In fact, because of their intense natural sweetness, cooked Ambrosia apples require less sugar than most other apple varieties.

Where can I buy Ambrosia apples?
Since its humble beginning as a chance seedling discovered in British Columbia, Canada, the delicious Ambrosia apple has conquered the world. Today, Ambrosia is available to purchase in stores and markets across both hemispheres and is grown by farmers in North America, Europe, Chile, New Zealand, and Australia.
Can I buy an Ambrosia apple tree?
Unfortunately, no, as Ambrosia trees are only available to licensed commercial tree fruit producers. Supply is intentionally limited to experienced growers to ensure that only the finest quality Ambrosia apples are available in the market place.
Where are Ambrosia apples grown?
Ambrosia is the third most commonly grown apple variety in British Columbia, and is becoming increasingly popular as more and more growers plant it in their orchards. Ambrosia apples are also grown in many orchards in Ontario and Nova Scotia as well as in other countries such as the US, Europe, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. Because of its widespread popularity, Ambrosia apples are available to purchase in stores around the world.
Ambrosia apples

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