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June 2018 – Frozen Ambrosia Apples + A Summer Slaw Recipe

Ambrosia apple blossoms

This Year’s Crop So Far

It was a long, snowy winter for British Columbia. As the snow started to melt, we saw flooding in a lot of areas where we grow Ambrosia apples. We checked in with two Ambrosia growers to see how the weather is affecting this year’s crop. Find out what they said in this blog. 

Ambrosia apples cole slaw recipe

Vegan Slaw for the Non-Vegan

Looking for a great recipe to take to your next picnic or potluck? This Ambrosia Apple and Cabbage Slaw is a perfect pick. Not only is it fresh, crunchy and tasty, it’s also suitable for vegans. But, it’s not just for vegans – the tangy dressing is so delicious it’ll delight even the biggest skeptic.  Grab the recipe here and give it a try.

Ambrosia apples

Hay Manzanas

If you can’t imagine not having a fresh, crisp Ambrosia apple every day, we’re with you! The good news is that fresh Ambrosia apples are starting to arrive from Chile and New Zealand. We grabbed a bag of the Chilean Ambrosias to test them out and are happy to report this year’s crop is big and juicy! So, don’t despair when your local supply runs out because, as they say in Chile, ‘hay manzanas’ (translation: we have apples!).

Summer Social

Summer is the perfect time for get-togethers and to reconnect with friends. We love to connect with people on social media. There have been so many great tweets lately about Ambrosia apples. We thought we’d gather a few up and share them with you.

@dependablerocky: Ambrosia apples are the best apples

@migdalorr: Gazpacho season has started. Don’t listen to Inmaculada or Conchi or Pepa. Their gazpacho is too silky, too thick, too bland. Steal the best tomatoes-the ugly ripe ones-while they’re fighting over recipes. Don’t forget one Ambrosia apple for texture. Run and don’t look back

@teachlovepack: Ambrosia Apples are amazeballs.

@yungjaarzn: Peanut butter on Ambrosia Apples is the perfect snack don’t @ me

@CelllaaNathalie: Ambrosia Apples are the best. #crunch
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