3…2…1…Happy Apple Gifting Day!

Not what you expected us to say, is it? Apple Gifting Day is celebrated every year on January 1 – with historical roots preceding the birth of Christ in the Ancient Empires of Rome & Greece. The tradition spread throughout Europe and later to the Americas.

Today the custom is not nearly as common as it was in earlier centuries, but we think it’s time for a comeback!  What do you think?

Traditionally apples symbolize good health, knowledge, wisdom and love – therefore, by gifting an apple to someone you care about, you are wishing them a year filled with these meaningful traits.We found this helpful chart on National Today that explains more about the cherished history of the apple throughout time:

National Apple day

Source Credit: https://nationaltoday.com/apple-gifting-day/


How do you participate?

Simply choose your favourite apple and give it to a loved one! You could also write a quick note explaining the meaning behind the gift and proclaim, “Happy Apple Gifting Day!”. 

We are very excited about this tradition. What a wonderful way to start the year!

We wish you a Happy Apple Gifting Day. May your year be filled with good health, knowledge, wisdom and love. 

National Apple Day

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