How Ambrosia Apples Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight

3 Ways Apples Keep You Trim

Ambrosia apples healthyWhether you’re looking to maintain your healthy weight or drop a few pounds, adding apples to your diet can help. And, if you’re going to eat apples why not reach for the best tasting ones out there – Ambrosia, of course!

Here are a few ways that apples help with weight loss and weight maintenance:

Healthy Gut

This one might surprise you. According to food scientist Giuliana Noratto (quoted in this 2014 Prevention Magazine article), the fiber and polyphenols found in apples hang out, undigested, in your colon until they actually ferment. This might sound like a bad thing but it actually creates good bacteria that attack the bad bacteria to bring your gut bacteria into balance. When bad bacteria are overly prevalent in your gut it can lead to cravings for junk food (to further feed it) and can cause chronic inflammation that increases the risk of obesity. With a healthier gut (the result of your new balanced bacteria) you may feel less sluggish, giving you the energy to exercise more.

Feeling Satisfied

Nutritionists often suggest eating a whole, fresh apple about an hour before meal time. There are several reasons for this. Apples are nutrient dense without being high in calories. They also contain a lot of water and are a good source of fibre. What this boils down to is that eating an apple before a meal will help you feel full and satiated thereby reducing the chances that you’ll overeat at meal time. Plus, by having a sweet apple, like Ambrosia, you won’t feel like you’ve been deprived of a dessert.

Fueling Activity

It’s not a secret that the answer to losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight comes down to diet and exercise. So often, it’s the exercise part that derails people. Eating an apple can actually help with this. Unlike sugary foods, apples provide an energy boost that is sustained over time. Plus, apples help in the recovery of muscles so you can keep moving day after day.

But, like any weight loss or weight management plan, it’s only as successful as its execution. That’s why Ambrosia apples are your best chance of success. With their sweet yet tangy taste, their crunchy bite and their ability to stay fresh longer, they’re hard to resist. Eating them may be healthy but they’re also a pure joy.

What other diet food can you say that about?

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