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Win a Weekend of Wine & Apples

It’s contest time again! We’re thrilled to announce that in the I Like my Ambrosia With… Contest you could win a spectacular Okanagan getaway. All you need to do is show us what you like to have your Ambrosia apples with and you could win a three-night stay and a spa treatment at the Summerland Waterfront Resort, a gift certificate for $100 at Local Lounge * Grille in Summerland, an Okanagan Crush Pad VIP wine tour and tasting, plus $500 spending money. Simply visit the contest page, upload a photo showing us what you like your Ambrosia with before April 8, 2015 and you’re entered. Be sure to check the rules and regulations to find out how you can increase your chances of winning. We can’t wait to see what you like your Ambrosia apples with.

We Asked You

We wanted to get warmed up for our contest so we took our video camera to the market. We were pleased to get so many interesting and tasty answers. Check out [link to video on website] what these people shopping at a local market in Westbank, BC like their Ambrosia with. Now that you’ve got a few ideas, be sure to share your Ambrosia apple pairings with us and you could win.

What Do You Like Your Ambrosia Apples With?
What Do You Like Your Ambrosia Apples With?

Stop by For a Slice

There is nothing we like better than handing out samples of fresh, crispy Ambrosia apples. We love to hear from people trying them for the first time but we also love when fans come up and tell us how passionate they are about Ambrosia apples. Luckily for us, we’ve got an event coming up where we get to share the Ambrosia experience. Stop by for a slice if you are at The Pacific Agriculture Show being held at the Tradex Exhibition Centre in Abbotsford, BC from January 29 – 31. Check out our events page to find out where we’ll be sampling next.

So Much Social Love

It’s no secret that we enjoy connecting with people on social media and we just can’t get enough of the random comments showing us a little love back. Here are a few of our favourite recent tweets:

@sxylady67: Mmmm love Ambrosia apples!! Snack time!!

@tauricity: Ambrosia apples, sweet, slight perfumed flavor I’d never tasted b4. (I grew up on apple farm) Yum #apples #fruit

@AshleyMedyen: I just ate 5 Ambrosia apples. In one sitting. I think I forgot to breathe. #noshame #appleaddict

@santalopian Keep up the good work, crisp Ambrosia apples

@Southern_Bkworm: Best apples EVER! Try them if you get a chance! You’ll be addicted! #AmbroisaApples @BCAmbrosiaApple

What a beautiful bushel of comments! Be sure to add the hashtag #AmbrosiaApple so we don’t miss your tweets. You can also join our online community on Pinterest, Instagram , Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be sharing lots of your photos from the I Like My Ambrosia With… Contest!

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