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January 2021 –  2020 Recap

Happy 2021, Everyone! We trust that you all had a happy and healthy holiday season. As life settles back to normal – or as normal as it can be – here are a few interesting ongoing blog series we created last year. Is there anything you’d like to read about? Please feel free to post about it on our social media pages. We are always hungry for new ideas, and Ambrosia apples, of course!

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Come Dine With Me

This popular blog series was born of the pandemic. A group of friends who usually cook together in person couldn’t do so, so they turned to Facebook and started a group instead. For one of their sessions, they decided to change it up a bit and create a three-course Ambrosia apple menu. Their results were so appreciated that we decided to keep the fun going, and have had folks of all kinds participate, and have enjoyed some pretty mouth-watering moments.

If you’d like to share in the story, just post on our social media with #ComeDineAmbrosia, and we’ll send you the details. If your menu is featured, we’ll send you a fancy Ambrosia apple shopping bag. For inspiration, here is the first Come Dine With Me blog: CLICK HERE

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Meet the Farmers

In this ongoing series, we are checking in with the orchardists whose stories and videos are featured on our website. We are checking in with them and investigating how their lives, and farms, have changed since we first visited their farms. Most of them are still growing Ambrosia apples, and speak with pride and enthusiasm about this wonderfully versatile variety. They also share a common tale of the hard work that goes into farming, but all agree it is a labour of love. Get to know these orchardists with the original videos here: CLICK HERE , and remember to shop for, and request BC Ambrosia apples at your local produce store.

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Chef Check In

Here, we checked in with some of the chefs whose Ambrosia-inspired recipes are featured on our website. We caught up with their careers and discovered that most of them still enjoy cooking with Ambrosia apples. For a visual treat, that is sure to make your mouth water, visit the Chef’s page: CLICK HERE.

 Social Media Round Up

Our Social Media Roundup continues to be a hit. Here are a few of our favourites:

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