July 2020  – Summer In The Orchards

Ambrosia Apples in August?

Although Ambrosia apples were first discovered in BC, this is not the only place they are grown. Many farmers around the world have planted Ambrosia apple orchards. Luckily for us here in Canada, some of those growers are in the Southern Hemisphere so just when we run out of local Ambrosia apples, we can get our hands on some imported ones. Look for fresh Ambrosia apples from Chile and New Zealand and crunch into some well-traveled apples. They are also great in your favourite recipes.


Thining Ambrosia Apples

What’s Happening in the Orchards?

A farmer’s work is never done.  “Apples are sizing well for the most part this season,” orchardist Adrian Arts reports. “The thinning process is wrapping up, then farmers are heading into a bit of a lull time, just getting calcium sprays on so the apples keep their crunch in storage.”

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Adair Scott

Chef Check-In Adair Scott

In the Spring of 2018, Ambrosia apple fans tested out recipes crafted by award-winning Okanagan chefs, and were tasked with picking their favourite. After counting more than 10,000 votes, Chef Adair Scott’s Ambrosia Apple Fritter with Salted Caramel recipe was declared the winner. We caught up with Chef Scott, and discussed, among other things, how he continues to cook with Ambrosia apples.
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Ambrosia quacamole recipeAmbrosia Apple Guacamole Recipe

You might think guacamole is already a perfect snack. Well, wait until you try our version featuring Ambrosia apples. It has the creamy avocado taste you love but it also has improved nutritional value and a satisfying crunch. Now just grab some Ambrosia chips and dip in.

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