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  Well-Traveled Apples

Did you know that BC isn’t the only place where Ambrosia apples are grown? It’s true that the first Ambrosia apple tree sprang up as a chance seedling in the Similkameen Valley but since then, many farmers around the world have planted orchards. Luckily for us here in Canada, some of those growers are in the Southern Hemisphere so just when we run out of local Ambrosia apples, we can get our hands on some imported ones. Look for fresh Ambrosia from Chile and New Zealand and crunch into some well-traveled apples.



Gone But Not Forgotten

Local Ambrosia apples are all but a memory in most grocery stores these days but that hasn’t stopped fans from sharing some love for their favourite apple on social media. On Instagram, donnabinbekphotography shared mouth-watering image of her Ambrosia slices with peanut butter for dipping. imlisadu shared a shot of her bag of Ambrosia and wrote, “Seriously… These Ambrosia apples are the best!…”

Over on Twitter, the Ambrosia love is pouring in as well. Here are a select few of our favourite tweets:

@sundricanluv There haven’t been nearly enough apples in my life lately. Really. This isn’t a metaphor. #Ineedapples #ambrosia #kthanks

@RunningJAK #30BountifulDays Ambrosia apples for camp snack. We love sharing our fruits and veggies with friends and family

@TodayViral Breakfast waffles with Ambrosia apples and cherries, Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey. #viraltoday

We love to hear how you’re enjoying your Ambrosia on social media. If you want to tell us directly, join our communities on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Happy Hydration

Ambrosia apples have many nutritional benefits but did you know that they can play an important role in staying hydrated during the hot summer months? Fresh Ambrosia are 70-80% water but because it takes some time to digest, there’s a bit of a delayed hydration benefit. Drinking water and eating an Ambrosia is a great hydration plan because the water satisfies you right away, and the apple’s hydration benefits will kick in a bit later. Beat the heat with a crisp Ambrosia apple.





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