June 2017 – Bowl Mania and Beet Meet

Winning Weekend
Earlier this year we announced that the winner of the random draw from our  Ambrosia Apple Chef of the Year contest was Brian Bitz from Saskatoon. Brian reports that last month he and his wife Suzanne thoroughly enjoyed their weekend in the Okanagan. He even shared a few pictures with us to prove it. Kelowna looks good on you two!

Meet Your BC Ambrosia Apple Growers – Greg Sanderson
Similkameen Valley. It’s a pretty magical place (and not just because it’s where Ambrosia Apples come from). There’s a lot to do and see here but we recommend slowing the pace down and just enjoying the Valley’s peaceful beauty. Find out more about Ambrosia’s birthplace in this blog

Bliss in a Bowl
Foodies and food journalists agree – it’s ‘bowl-mania’ in the culinary world. In case you have no idea what a ‘bowl’ is – it’s quite simply a combination of foods served, deconstructed, in a bowl.  Ambrosia is getting in on the trend with this healthy, fresh bowl recipe that turns dinnertime into an eating adventure. The best thing about bowls is that you can mix things up and make it your own. If you try this out, we’d love to know what combination you ended up with!

Ambrosia Meets Beets
Speaking of combinations involving Ambrosia apples…have you tried them with beets yet? We love this these two natural beauties together. So much so, we put together a list of 5 different ways you can marry Ambrosia and beets. Check it out and enjoy!

The Social AppleWe like to consider Ambrosia the social apple. Not just because it’s great to serve at parties; it’s because we love to connect with Ambrosia apple fans on social media. Are we connected with you yet? Drop by and say hello on on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Or, subscribe to our YouTube channel.