June 2019 – Picnic Provisions – A Classic Sandwich with a Millennial Twist

Meet Your BC Ambrosia Growers – Natalina Araujo  

Ambrosia apple growersWhen Natalina Araujo took over managing the farm in 2012, she didn’t know much about growing apples. But, she knew that her passion for healthy food would see her through the learning curve. Luckily, he father-in-law was happy to show her the ropes. We visited the Araujo farm in Penticton, BC just as the Ambrosia apples were about to be harvested last fall and were inspired by the passion Natalina had for growing Ambrosia. Would you like to meet her? Take a walk through the orchard and get to know Natalina – just one of your BC Ambrosia Apple growers. Watch the video here.

Ambrosia apple pie

Are Ambrosia Apples Good for Pie?

We get asked this question all the time! For the longest time, apples were divided into two categories – those that were good to eat and those that were better baked. When people ask if Ambrosia apples are good for pie, what they’re really asking is if they’re ‘baking apples’. It’s a good question but we hesitate with the answer because, well, Ambrosia apples fit into both of the traditional categories. So, the short answer is ‘Yes!’ they are great in pie. We share the longer explanation and some Ambrosia Apple pie-baking tips in this blog.

Ambrosia apple blossoms

The End of Spring in the Orchard

An Ambrosia apple orchard changes from week to week. Sometimes, we can see the changes. For example, the trees blossom for only a few weeks in spring before those pretty, pale-pink flowers are gone. After that, the changes are more subtle and only the farmers notice the differences. That’s why we love to talk to the growers; to see the orchard through their eyes as the growing season progresses. Click here to get a report from the orchard.

Ambrosia Apple, Chicken & Avocado Salad Sandwich

People of a certain generation will remember when a chicken salad sandwich was a mainstay at diners and picnics alike. They fell out of fashion a little bit but we think this modernized version of the classic is worthy of a come-back. It’s lighter, tastier and it has avocado!


Grab the recipe here. And then send us your pics of your sandwich creation on TwitterFacebook ,  Pinterest , and Instagram.