June 2023 – Bacon, Blooms and Ambrosia Apples’ Superpower

Ambrosia apple jelly recipe
Keeping the Harvest – Apple Jelly

The next method we will explore in our “Keeping the Harvest” series is another fantastic way to preserve Ambrosia apples: Apple Jelly…  



Sweet Roasted Ambrosia Apples

Ambrosia Apples Cookbook – Sweet Roasted Ambrosia Apples with Lavender Honey

Lavender buds have been used for culinary purposes for centuries and add a unique floral and aromatic flavour to dishes. When paired with Ambrosia apples…


Ambrosia apples - slow to brown

Do Ambrosia Apples Have a Superpower?

Ambrosia apples have a superpower that helps make them a perfect food to enjoy all day long…



Bacon-Wrapped Ambrosia Bites

Recipe of the Month – Bacon-Wrapped Ambrosia Bites

Recipe of the Month:
What could possibly make Ambrosia apples more delicious? How about cloaking them in bacon and giving them a slightly spicy chipotle bite?


Social Media Roundup

We always appreciate hearing from you on our social media channels. Here are a few recent posts from around the web!…

@pinehillorchard @pinehillorchard is planting Ambrosia apple trees in their orchard; thanks for sharing!
@whiskeybravofarm @whiskeybravofarm received an Ambrosia apple tree for Mother’s Day, what a great gift!
@newton_poetrycat @newton_poetrycat shared a short poem about Ambrosia apples – check it out on Instagram!

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