April 2017 – Are you keeping it fresh?

Keeping it Fresh

Ambrosia apples are typically harvested in late September here in North America. That was more than 6 months ago. So, how do we keep them so fresh? And, how can you make sure they stay harvest-crisp when you bring them home? In this blog, we share a few tips on keeping Ambrosia fresh longer.

Ambrosia apple grower

Meet Your BC Ambrosia Apple Growers – Greg Sanderson

We love to introduce you to the people who grow your Ambrosia apples. Last fall, just before harvest time, we took a trip to the Similkameen Valley to meet Greg Sanderson. While we chatted he told us how farming landed him in an RCMP cruiser, helped him develop a great partnership with his wife and raise a close-knit family. Plus, he shares what makes him the most proud to be an Ambrosia apple grower. He’s quite a character! Get to know Greg here.

Ambrosia apples - make candy leather

Food for Fun

Let your kids play with their food! Or, at least with these nutritious Ambrosia apple fruit leather snacks. Making your own fruit leather is easier than you think. Why let the kids have all the fun? With a few creative flavour twists, these healthy snacks can satisfy a more sophisticated palate. This recipe is perfect for busy, on-the-go adults and fun-seeking children alike.

Ambrosia apples recipies

Recipe Inspirations

Looking for more ways to cook, bake or blend your Ambrosia apples? We’re always amazed at the creative recipes we find on Instagram like whiskey baked Ambrosia,  Ambrosia and crab pizza, or this super healthy Ambrosia smoothie.
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