Keeping the Harvest – Apple Butter

Apple butter with Ambrosia applesPeanut butter, almond butter, sunflower seed butter, butter…butter? There are so many types of butter on the market! Have you tried apple butter? Well, if you have not, you butter try it soon! 

Apple butter is the method we will explore this month in our Keeping Harvest series. Ambrosia apples make delicious apple butter! What does it taste like? What are its uses? Let’s explore those questions.

History of Apple Butter

Apple Butter can be traced by historians back to Germany and Belgium during the middle ages. Monasteries with large fruit production used this to conserve their apples. The apple butter tradition spread to North America and became notably popular with the Pennsylvania Dutch. 

What is Apple Butter?

Much like the nut varieties – apple butter contains no actual dairy. The name comes from its thick, soft and spreadable qualities. Apple Butter is very versatile and can be used in various recipes, from pancakes to meat, to baking, charcuterie boards, added to oatmeal, spread on toast and more!

Apple Butter Festivals

There are so many Apple Butter festivals around the world you may be able to find one near to you! Sometimes paired with cheese to become an Apple Butter and Cheese festival – these gatherings are an excellent way to sample and celebrate Apple Butter!

How to Make Apple Butter

The creation of Apple Butter usually involves the following:

  • Apples – peeled or unpeeled, depending on the method.
  • Sugars – usually brown, white or 
  • Cinnamon and other spices
  • Salt
  • Vanilla Extract

The cooking process is slow but simple. Usually completed in a crockpot for 10+ hours with occasional stirring – then packaged for the fridge, freezer or canned for more extended storage.

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