Ambrosia apples fruit leather

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Today, in our Keeping the Harvest 2023 series, we investigate a favourite snack of kids and adults – fruit leather!

According to food historians – fruit leathers were known in southern Europe as early as the 16th century! Today, you can find fruit leather commonly in stores in all kinds of flavours.

Challenge: If you have store-bought fruit leather in your cupboard or the next time you go to the grocery store – we challenge you to look at the ingredients. Quite often, you will find more than just fruit listed! You may find all kinds of elements from corn syrup to hydrogenated oils, ‘Natural’ Flavor and added colours.

We can probably all agree that the fewer ‘added’ ingredients you have, the better. It is not always easy to find options like this in the store – but fruit leather is surprisingly simple to make at home! 

Not only is Ambrosia apple fruit leather a healthy option for your family, but it is very affordable to create – perfect for supporting multiple New Year’s resolutions.

You can make fruit leather in the oven or with a dehydrator. Whichever method you choose – there will be many recipes available online for you to get to work!

There are many variations of flavours that you can try. Here are a few excellent recipes we found:

(Image by serhii_bobyk on Freepik)

What a great way to preserve Ambrosia apples! According to the National Center for Home Preservation, homemade fruit leather will last one month at room temperature. Tightly wrapped rolls of homemade fruit leather will freeze for up to a year.

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