Kick the Winter Blues with Ambrosia Apples

Ambrosia apples

As winter approaches and the days get shorter, we see less of the sun, which can severely affect our mood. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association up to 18% of Canadians experience some form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winter months.

Many SAD sufferers have found light therapy helpful to combat the effects of the  missing hours of daylight. The other key ways to combat those winter blues are with good sleep habits, socializing, regular exercise, and a healthy diet. In fact, there’s a growing body of research that directly links food to happiness.

Many foods have been found to be particularly helpful in boosting your mood, including Ambrosia apples. Ambrosia apples contain quercetin, an antioxidant that specifically feeds neurotransmitters in the brain to boost overall happiness.

If stress and anxiety is behind your grumpiness, then Ambrosia apples may help there too. Apples are a source of Vitamin B, magnesium and antioxidants – all of which may help decrease feelings of stress. In addition, Vitamin C, which is also found in Ambrosia apples, helps to remove the stress hormone, cortisol, from the body.

Low blood sugar can also have an effect on our mood, especially if the grouchiness comes and goes. Ambrosia apples contain pectin, a form of soluble fibre, which helps to moderate how quickly the body processes food and may lower cholesterol. This means that we don’t feel a spike in energy followed by a drop off in energy. Ambrosia apples offer a sustained energy which in turn, helps to moderate mood.

Finally, studies have shown that surrounding ourselves with beautiful things can evoke happiness. Other studies have found that there is a positive response in the brain when you eat something crunchy. In our humble opinion, Ambrosia apples are one of the prettiest out there, and biting into a crispy Ambrosia always puts a smile on our face.

There are so many health benefits to eating Ambrosia apples – helping you to feel less grumpy is just one of them. So, crunch into an Ambrosia apple and give the Winter Blues the boot!

Ambrosia Apples