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Last Call

Your chance to win an amazing Okanagan getaway is almost up. The I Like my Ambrosia With… Contest closes at 4pm PST on April 8, 2015. It’s time to get your entry in. Don’t forget, there’s a fantastic prize on the line. The winner will enjoy a 3-night stay at the Summerland Waterfront Resort, $100 worth of spa services at Beyond Wrapture, an Okanagan Crush Pad VIP wine tour and dinner at the Local Lounge & Grille with their $100 gift certificate. Oh! Let’s not forget the $500 of spending money. Don’t miss your chance to win this perfect Okanagan getaway. Enter the contest  today.

We Love What You Like

Colour us impressed. The entries so far in the I Like my Ambrosia With… Contest are wonderfully creative and fun. If you haven’t checked out the entries yet, you really should. They range from super cute kiddos to pets of all sizes to a whole bunch of interesting flavour combinations. We love that you like to enjoy your Ambrosia apples in so many different ways. The judges are going to have a tough time choosing a winner!


Fools Eat Ambrosia Apples

We’re counting on a bunch of fools liking Ambrosia apples when we introduce them to the crowds as the Festival of Fools held at the historic Forks Market in Winnipeg. As a part of the Winnipeg International Children’s Festival, this free family event celebrates the circus arts and encourages foolishness. If you’re a fool, or rather, if you’re planning on going to the Festival of Fools between March 28th and 31st, be sure to stop by and enjoy a sample of Ambrosia from our booth. We love sharing Ambrosia with the world, especially the fools.

What’s the Buzz?

It’s more than the bees in our orchards that are buzzing these days. Social media is abuzz with talk of Ambrosia apples and we can’t get enough of it. On Instagram, whatiseephoto shared a photo of Ambrosia in a big bin and gave this advice, “Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach…I could eat this entire bin of Ambrosia apples!!”

On Twitter, @tauricity wrote, “Ambrosia apples, sweet, slight perfumed flavor I’d never tasted b4. (I grew up on apple farm) Yum #apples #fruit”, while @yvrblogger said, “Cheers2 #BC’s Ambrosia!! #apples Satisfying to the core! :-)”.

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