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  Winner’s Sunny Weekend

It didn’t take long for I Like My Ambrosia With… Contest winner, Alanna Single from Winnipeg to claim her prize! Alanna and her cousin arrived in the Okanagan within weeks of the win. Luckily, our early spring meant they were able to take in the delights of the valley in warm, summer-like weather and relax with a stunning view from the Summerland Waterfront Resort. (If this report made you a little jealous, don’t worry, we’re already thinking up contest ideas for next year!)

In the Orchard

The blossoms have become tiny little fruitlets. These first buds of fruit will mature for a little longer before the growers need to start thinning the fruit out. Thinning is the process of picking some of these fruitlets off the trees to allow the remaining fruit to reach their biggest and juiciest potential. Find out more about thinning in this video.

The  Thinning Process


Make the Most of the Last

BC Ambrosia apples are getting harder to find. The 2014 crop is almost gone. We suggest you make the most of what you can get your hands on by drying them, canning them or having fun with some of our  spectacular recipes. Why not make an extra batch of delicious tartlets or hearty soup and freeze it for the summer months when you won’t be able to find fresh, local Ambrosia?

Who Grows Your Ambrosia?

Every year we try to introduce you to the people who grow your fruit and we’ll be out again this year meeting farmers. In case you may have missed it, we thought we’d re-acquaint you with a few of the Ambrosia apple growers in BC. We’ll have more farmers for you to meet in the coming months so stay tuned.

The Social Media Menu

 A quick scan of our social media channels reveals plenty of people are still putting Ambrosia apples in their recipes and on their menu. Here’s how a few of our Twitter friends are enjoying Ambrosia:

@BeachedLib: I’m having a yummy lunch courtesy of my trip to the @CityMarket104 this morning: eggs, herbs/cheese bun, apple (ambrosia!), and a cookie.

@jzamostny: what’s your favorite #wine/#cheese/fruit pairing? tonight, mine was pinot noir + irish cheddar cheese + ambrosia apple.

Here’s one of our favourites from Facebook:

Blink Restaurant & Bar: Wednesday’s lunch feature – roast Alberta pork loin with ambroisa apple puree, bubble & squeak, braised purple cabbage, natural jus and crispy sage.


Have you added Ambrosia to your menu? Connect and share with us on

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