BC Ambrosia Apples

May 2017 – From Bees to Babies

Ambrosia apples

To Peel or Not to Peel

Do you like your Ambrosia apples peeled or with the skin on? You might want to consider your health before you answer that. It turns out that peeled and unpeeled apples have different nutritional value. In this recent blog we explain why you might want to park your peeler.

Babies and Ambrosia apples

Oh Baby, That’s a Good Apple

When is the right time to introduce your baby to Ambrosia? A lot of people wonder if you can give babies apples and the simple answer is yes! Ambrosia apples make a great first fruit for babies for a number of reasons. Check out this blog to find out how and why babies should eat apples.

Ambrosia apple

While Supplies Last

It’s the time of year when Ambrosia fans start to wonder how much longer they’ll be able to find Ambrosia apples in their local grocery store. So far, we haven’t heard any reports of supplies running low but let us know on  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram what the situation is where you live. Use the hashtag #AmbrosiaApples.
And remember, there’s no need to panic. Ambrosia apples are also grown in the Southern hemisphere in both Chile and New Zealand. Those Ambrosia were harvested in March and are ready to jump right into the grocer’s bin when your local Ambrosia apples run out.