May 2019 – Which Do You Prefer – Juice or Smoothies?

Meet Your BC Ambrosia Growers – Railou & Rupinder Gill

Ambrosia apple growersNot too far from where the Ambrosia apple was discovered, sits a beautiful Ambrosia apple farm called Paradise Orchards. Before it was an orchard, people thought this land would never be good for a farm. Railou Gill saw the possibilities and took a gamble – one that even his wife was sure would pay off. Now, they’re part of the Ambrosia apple growing community. Find out how he turned this an old horse pasture into an impressive (and prolific) farm in this video.

Ambrosia apples

Juicing vs. Blending

There’s no question that Ambrosia apples taste great as juice or in a smoothie. But is one better than the other? We decided to compare the health benefits of juicing with blending Ambrosia apples. Want to know which drink is healthier? Check out the breakdown in this blog.

antioxidants Ambrosia apples

What You Need to Know about Antioxidants

Most people know that antioxidants help boost our immune system and keep us feeling healthy but do you know where to find antioxidants or how much you need? We dive into the world of antioxidants to give you a better understanding of what they are and why they play such an important role in your overall wellness.  Learn more here.

Ambrosisa apples coleslaw Vegan Apple Slaw

Are you looking for a perfect potluck party dish? We love this crunchy slaw featuring Ambrosia apples because it’s tasty and highly satisfying. Plus, with a vegan dressing, you know everyone at the party will be able to enjoy it. Check out this recipe and then let us know what you served it with and how your friends and family liked it.

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