May 2023 – For the Love of Art, Mom & Ambrosia apples

Juice from Ambrosia Apples
Keeping the Harvest – Apple Juice

Having fresh apple juice is a treat for all ages! To make apple juice from Ambrosia apples without a juicer, you will need the following supplies…



Ambrosia apples & pork tenderloin recipe

Ambrosia Apples Cookbook – Make Dinner for Mom

Here’s a recipe we shared for Mother’s Day from our Ambrosia Apples Cookbook, if you haven’t tried it yet you can find all the details at the link below. Mom will appreciate a meal made for her any day of the year!    CLICK HERE


Ambrosia apples in art

For the Love of Art

We came across this beautiful painting by artist Lynn Tribe on Facebook, and this is the inspiration behind today’s blog post…



Ambrosia apples recipe

Recipe of the Month – Ambrosia Apple Breakfast Bowl 

Each bowl is like a work of art that is sure to put a smile on your face and brighten up your morning!



Social Media Roundup

We always appreciate hearing from you on our social media channels. Here are a few recent posts from around the web!…

Ambrosia apple @udeh.dave shared their breakfast of champions, including 2 Ambrosia apples!
Ambrosia apples @mykefirjourney shared their photos of flavoured water kefir, one of which uses Ambrosia apples
Ambrosia apples @allseasonproduce shared what we think is a great piece of art!
Ambrosia apples @honee_brown87 made a healthy late-night snack!

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