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  How to Resist Junk Food

Do you find it difficult to resist the less than healthy food when you grocery shop? Ambrosia apples to the rescue. A recent study published in Psychology & Marketing found that participants who consumed an apple right before grocery shopping were more likely to fill their carts with nutritious fruits and vegetables instead of less healthy options (aka junk food). So, if you want to shop smarter and healthier, save that last Ambrosia apple for right before you hit the grocery store.

Ambrosia Kale Salad

Crunch your way to health with this delicious and summery salad. This is a perfect dish to bring to a potluck, a picnic or to eat as a meal on a hot summer night. The bitterness of the Kale is off-set by the sweetness of the Ambrosia apple but it’s the satisfying crispness of both that makes this healthy salad a winner.

Find the recipe here.



Socially Speaking

We’ll never get tired of hearing from Ambrosia apple lovers on social media. Here are some of our favourite tweets from the last few weeks.

@IMLisaD: Seriously…. These Ambrosia apples are the best! So delicious. An apple a day!
@lydiaaaa_: Ambrosia apples r my life omg they’re so good

@earths_choice: Nothing like a glass of chilled, old-fashioned #AppleCider – made with #ambrosia #apples!

@frosted_miika: Just tried an ambrosia apple and hot damn.. it was mighty tasty! (And I really dont like apples!) Go out and find one! Shoo Shoo!

@dvntownsend: Ambrosia apples ftw!

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Hard Working Farmers

It’s no secret that farmers work hard to bring the food we love into the world. That’s why we like to introduce you to a few of the folks who grow Ambrosia apples. In case you missed it, here’s a nice story about one farmer passing his knowledge on to an ambitious young farmer, eager to learn the ropes. Please meet Raj and Jamie.


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