May 2018 – Improved Digestion, the Science of Apples, and a Side of Bacon

Improve Your Digestion

Digestion is an important part of staying healthy and trim. Did you know that just eating Ambrosia apples may improve your digestion? Ambrosia apples help in a few different ways – read about them here.


Ambrosia apples

The Mystery of Apple Browning

Fans of Ambrosia apples know that they are slow to brown compared to other apples. It’s a big bonus for anyone using apples in salads or slicing them up for the kids. Have you ever wondered why they don’t brown as quickly? The simple explanation can be found in this blog .


Ambrosia apples & bacon recipe

Ambrosia and Bacon Together At Last

Take the honey-sweet, slightly tangy Ambrosia apple, roll it in some spice and you pair it with salty, fatty bacon and you’ve got a flavour explosion waiting to happen. That’s exactly what we did for this appetiser recipe – Bacon-Wrapped Ambrosia Apples. This one is a must try.


Ambrosia apples and coleslaw recipe

Coming Soon (but why wait?)
Did you know we add to our blog several times a month? Coming up in the next month we’ve got an amazing coleslaw recipe (which happens to be vegan) that’s perfect for BBQ picnics, and some delicious cocktail recipes just in time for patio season.
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