Ambrosia Apples NewsletterWELCOME TO THE BC AMBROSIA APPLES NEWSLETTER – November 2017

November 2017 – Want the secret to surviving the season?

Ambrosia apple recipe

Socca So Good

There’s something about colder weather that makes us want to reach for some comfort food. It doesn’t have to be unhealthy! Check out this recipe for an Ambrosia Apple and Cheddar Socca. It’s a nutrition, quick snack or meal that just screams comfort. We predict it will be your new fall favourite (and your kids will love it too). Hey, it’s even gluten-free!

Ambrosia apples are delicioius

Energy Up

Feeling a little sluggish? It’s natural to feel like you want to hibernate as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop. Unfortunately, we can’t sleep the winter away. If you need to put a little more skip in your step, reach for an Ambrosia apple. Here’s how it helps boost your energy.

Ambrosia apple grower

Meet Your Ambrosia Apple Growers – Mohinder Dhaliwal

Mohinder Dhaliwal learned from his parents and grandparents about the value of hard work on the farm. After he immigrated to Penticton, BC from India, he naturally turned to farming as a way of life. We visited him in his beautiful Ambrosia apple orchard just before harvest. Want to meet him? Watch the video here.

Ambrosia apples from seedling

You Don’t Say…

We love the comments we get on our social media channels and once in a while, we like to share them. Here’s what a few viewers said about the “From Chance Seedling to Apple Stardom: The Ambrosia Apple Story” video on YouTube.

111dogon555 “Never used to like apples until I tried these. Now I buy 10lbs at a time 😀 ”

bigcountry2020 “There is no better apple on the planet in my opinion than the Ambrosia apple.”

Gary Chapman “This is a fantastic story about the efforts of wonderful farming family who are a testament to what thoughtful resourceful and enthusiasm people can achieve in life. congratulations to you all.”

Thanks for kind words – it makes our day!

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