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November 2019 – Do You Want to Feel Like an Astronaut?

freeze dried Ambrosia apples
Out of this World Snacking
For many of us, freeze-dried food is synonymous with astronaut cuisine, something just for the select few. That may have been the case back in the Space Race era but freeze-dried fruit is making a big comeback. You can find it in health food stores and specialty stores. But, it’s not cheap. If you want to try out this convenient way of preserving your food, we’ve got the answer — DIY! Here’s how to freeze-dry Ambrosia apples. They’re out of this world but you don’t need to orbit the earth to try it.

Ambrosia apples soup recipe
Hearty  and Health Soup

Hands up if you love a spicy, hearty soup when you come in from the cold? Now put your hands down so you can make this amazing Ambrosia apple and lentil soup. The Indian spices are perfectly offset by the sweetness of the Ambrosia apples and the creaminess of the coconut milk. Oh, and don’t forget the nuttiness of the hearty lentils! This is sure to be a cold-weather favourite in your house this winter. Watch how it’s done in this video.

Ambrosia apples wrap
Fueling your Busy Family

Family life can get pretty busy and keeping everyone fed (healthily) can be a challenge. Weekends are especially hard. If you’ve got one of those families where everyone is coming and going during the day, and there is precious little time to make sure everyone has a healthy lunch, then this idea is for you.

Set up a build-your-own wrap station in the kitchen — featuring Ambrosia apples, of course. Click here for a few tips on making it delicious, nutritious, and irresistible for all.

Ambrosia apples and cauliflower
Crazy Cauliflower Combo with ‘Cheese’

On the surface, this might seem like it wouldn’t work but trust us, it’s delicious. We’re talking about roasted cauliflower and Ambrosia apples. It’s a simple, side dish that will elevate any type of protein dish.  And, if you have cauliflower-reluctant eaters at your dinner table, we’ve included the recipe for a mouthwatering ‘cheese’ sauce to pour overtop. They don’t need to know it’s vegan! Grab the whole recipe here.

Ambrosia Apples will be There

We’re proud to sponsor the Canada Cup in Leduc, AB from Nov. 27th to Dec. 1.  If you’re a fan of curling and you’re planning on being there, keep an eye out for Ambrosia apples. It’ll be just what you need to stay focused and cheering from end to end.

We’ll also be at Agribition in Regina from November 25 – 30. Find our booth, grab an Ambrosia apple slice, and meet an Ambrosia apple grower. You can even take a selfie at our new Ambrosia apples selfie station. See you there!

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