November 2021 – The BEST Apples Harvested

Fall has fallen, and Old Man Winter is on his way. Fresh and local Ambrosia apples are in abundance at fruit markets and produce sections, and this year’s crop is outstanding.

Ambrosia applesAmbrosia Apples are the Best Apples

The latest harvest has made us remember just how tasty and perfect Ambrosia apples really are. Click HERE to discover six reasons why we believe them to be the BEST apples!


Ambrosia apples

Ambrosia Apple A Day Update

Patricia and her partner enjoyed a vacation (finally, the first one in two years!) to La Belle Province and fell off the apple wagon. Upon her return, though, she was thrilled to see the fabulous new crop in her local shops. “Being on vacation meant I didn’t need to go into a grocery store,” she admits. “I missed my Ambrosia apple every day, but it did feel good to let go of the routine. Now that we’re home, we’re back to some healthy eating, including my Ambrosia apple every day again.” Too bad there is no Ambrosia Poutine! Hmmmm!?! Ambrosia Poutine…


Ambrosia apples meal

Come Dine With Me Everyday

Our latest instalment of our Come Dine With Me series is a very simple everyday dish that one of our subscribers made up on the fly for a quick and easy weekday meal. Begs the question: How do we get invited to Sonja’s? Check it out HERE.


Ambrosia apples soupAmbrosia Apple Stock Recipe

We published Chef Stuart Klassen’s Roasted Ambrosia Apple Soup earlier this month. His apple stock alone is worth the glance, so we thought we’d repeat it here for you. This makes a lovely stock for not just this soup, but freezes well to use with other sauces and soups that might need a little Ambrosia apple kick!

Rough-cut 5 washed Ambrosia apples, 2 stocks diced celery, 1 diced carrot, and 1 small onion. Add to pot with water and 1 L apple juice. Season to taste, simmer for one hour and strain.


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